There are 14 documented modules released under the beta version.
To get started, clone the library:

git clone

Feel free to remove the website directory. To see the library in action, switch to the demo directory and run make:

cd another-c-library/demo

The package depends on libuv in the uvdemo directory. Use the following command to install libuv:

brew install libuv
cd another-c-library/uvdemo

Documentation, tests, and demonstrations are being written. Check out our Tutorial for a walk through of the library or help us write the docs by contributing!

Our goal is to produce a work that is unencumbered by licenses, and hope that others will find this code or parts of it useful. The library, book, code, website, and project in its entirety are licensed under the Apache License by Andy Curtis & Daniel Curtis. Read more on the licensing.

For a more in depth tutorial on getting started, check out Getting Started.