Our goal is to produce a work that is unencumbered by licenses, and hope that others will find this code or parts of it useful. This software and documentation contains code and ideas derived from works published by Robert Sedgewick relating to the Red-Black Tree and the Quicksort algorithm. Many other works (both code and explanations) were studied. I've spent years studying many open source implementations including the details of the linux kernel, so I'm sure you will see their influence in how the code is written. I have tried to write the code without borrowing any code or explanations from other projects, but I'm sure that approaches, variable names, etc will look similar. I've worked with brilliant engineers over the years and certainly borrowed approaches from their work. I will try and call out where I have learned things when it is relevant (and I remember). I'm sure that there are better ways to do things and welcome help!

Throughout the tutorial and documentation on this website, the following notice will appear at the top of most of the files:

Copyright 2019 Andy Curtis & Daniel Curtis

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