Helpful Tips

Copyright 2020 Andy Curtis & Daniel Curtis

A list of tips that have been helpful to me:

Line spacing in markdown

Just use a br html tag to create a single line break.

Escape characters in markdown

Use the \ to escape characters in markdown such as the underscore or asterisk.

Create multiline macro in C

On a mac, Command-F to get find and replace to show up on the bottom. Next, select the [.*] button on the right side of the find and replace pane. Replace dollar ($) with a space followed by a backslash ( \). If you have atom-beautify installed, you can beautify (I have beautify on save enabled for the C and C++ languages and clang-format as beautifier). If you have trouble with Atom-beautify, see next tip.

Static inline vs inline

At least on my mac, when I compile code into binaries in debug mode (-g vs -O3), I get a linking error for functions which were declared inline vs static inline.

Regex find replace

Find: less\(([^,]*),([^),]*)\)
Replace: less($1,$2, arg)

To find and replace all instances of less(a, b) with less(a, b, arg)

Atom-beautify problems

I use Atom with atom-beautify when coding. Recently, I ran across an error where I couldn't get it to work with C/C++ code. I had to do the following to get it to work.

Install llvm

brew install llvm

Add path in Atom (path may be different to llvm)
Atom => Preferences => Packages => atom-beautify => Settings => Executables => ClangFormat


Fix coffee script per

In the file,


At line 84

return @exe("clang-format").run([
  @dumpToFile(dumpFile, text)
  ]).finally( ->

Add the -> in the fs.unlink to look like

return @exe("clang-format").run([
  @dumpToFile(dumpFile, text)
  ]).finally( ->
    fs.unlink(dumpFile, ->)